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Tenda W300M Wireless N300 Portable AP/Router Review

Measuring in at around 10 x 6.5 cm with a thickness of just over 1.5 cm and weight of 50g, Tenda’s W300M truly is a portable device – it barely manages to cover the 4.7″ screen on this editor’s Nexus 4 phone.

The W300M’s bright white top cover gives it a smart appearance which will look good when sat on a desk.

Tenda prints the model’s name and product number towards the upper edge of the W300M’s plastic front side.

Seven blue indicator LEDs are positioned towards the W300M’s bottom edge.

Five of the LEDs are used to indicate the access point’s operational mode; the name above the single active light shows the router’s current mode. The remaining two LEDs indicate the operational status of the LAN/WAN connection and WPS option.

Located on the W300M’s right side are the WPS/Reset and Mode ports. Pressing the Mode button allows users to toggle between the access point’s five operating functions.

To allow the heat of the internal components to radiate away, Tenda incorporates cooling vents in the side of the W300M’s plastic casing.

A full-sized RJ45 LAN port is located on the rear side of the W300M. The 100Mbps port is capable of both input and output functionality allowing it to send or receive data, dependent upon the configured mode.

You may question the use of a 300Mbps Wireless-N network which receives its connection from a 100Mbps LAN port. The increased connection speed can be used for streaming files to users on the W300M’s same, internal network. The 300Mbps transfer rate is also useful for the wireless extending modes.

Adjacent to the LAN port is the mini USB power connector. Tenda supplies the appropriate mini USB to standard USB cable which can be powered by the mains adapter or a computer.

A pair of stickers located on the base features information regarding the W300M’s WPS pin, default IP address, user name, password, and other important data.

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