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Tenda W300M Wireless N300 Portable AP/Router Review

To configure the W300M’s settings, Tenda instructs users to connect the access point to their computer via an Ethernet cable, tweak some internet settings, and then type “” into their browser page.

The quick installation guide does a good job at explaining how to enter the settings page, provided you have the ability to convert the instructions from the XP mode stated in the guide to the Windows 7 mode that is likely to be applicable for most users. We can see how some novices may find the procedure a little daunting, though.

Tenda really should update its guide to make it easier to follow for Windows 7 users who aren’t familiar with XP. An extra few Windows 7 screenshots aren’t going to increase printing costs by a significant margin.

AP (Access Point) Mode:

Upon typing the access point’s IP address into a browser, we are met by the AP mode’s setup wizard.

The simple-to-follow steps should allow you to have your W300M up-and-running in very little time and with an appropriate degree of security; most of the settings can be left on their pre-defined mode. Once the setup wizard is complete, the W300M takes around 30 seconds to reboot and apply its new settings.

System status provides the status of the system. No surprises there!

The LAN settings page allows users to view and tweak the connection parameters of the RJ45 port.

Entering the WLAN settings section reveals access to a further six parameters. The ‘basic settings’ subsection is where the router’s key parameters can be tweaked to suit one’s preferences.

Tenda has built the W300M to provide a good degree of flexibility to increase the possibility of a stable connection being maintained.

The W300M features the main security modes such as WPA-PSK and WPA2-PSK, both of which are supported by the majority of modern devices. The security options ensure that users won’t have to worry about their internet connection being stolen and potential charges being incurred.

Tenda gives users access to some advanced settings.

The WPS configuration settings are displayed on their own page. This helps to simplify the troubleshooting procedure if a WPS-enabled device is refusing to connect.

Users can block and allow specific MAC Addresses via the ‘access control’ subsection.

The W300M’s wireless connection status is displayed on a specific page.

Tenda makes the W300M access point’s main settings accessible via the ‘system tools’ section. This section allows users to navigate to further subsections where they can carry out tasks such as changing the date and time, updating the firmware, changing the device’s password and viewing the system log.

Wireless router mode:

Most of the settings are identical when the W300M access point is operating in its ‘Wireless Router’ mode; there are some extra parameters which are made accessible, however.

Access to the WDS mode is now provided.

Virtual server settings are also unlocked, including access to the DMZ settings.

A routing table is used to display some additional information.

WISP (Wireless repeater/extender) mode:

Configuring the W300M for use in WISP mode is fairly straightforward, provided the earlier setup methods weren’t found to be too much of a chore.

The setup wizard allows the W300M to scan for wireless signals which it can connect to and then extend. We had no problems configuring the W300M for use as a wireless extender with our Tenda N60 router – simply enter the passkey when your desired signal has been traced.

Make sure the displayed settings are correct for the wireless-emitting router, not the W300M. We managed to get caught out by selecting the security mode that our W300M was using which happened to be different to the N60’s mode. This terminated the connection’s internet access which quickly alerted us of the mistake.

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