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XFX EyeFinity Stand Review

The XFX Eyefinity Stand is going to be popular with the gaming audience who want to regain some deskspace. The screens can be rotated, tilted and adjusted for height, on both vertical and horizontal axis, meaning that a fine level of adjustment is possible.

As an aesthetic centerpiece, it is certainly worth an investment, especially if you are unhappy with the positioning of your panels. We really like that the screens can be rotated into portrait mode with the XFX stand, as not every native monitor stand allows for this kind of adjustment.

I also have no issues with the build quality, as every component has been carefully engineered to deal with a substantial amount of weight, from the center point, to the extremities of the horizontal bars. If XFX had cut corners with the engineering standards or quality of materials, this could easily have ended up a dangerous piece of equipment. Also, it is worth mentioning that with three monitors attached, and with the weight of the metal skeleton frame, it can indeed be difficult to move without some help.

Highlighting the excellent build quality, we even managed to fit a 27 inch in the middle position without any concerns, although XFX don’t offically recommend sizes larger than 24 inch. We also like that the small touches haven’t been overlooked, such as a rubber mounted pad underneath the main base plate to stop it moving, and to ensure no scratches on wooden surfaces.

The only downside is the price, which unfortunately can’t be ignored. Our partner website Yoyotech are offering one of the most competitive prices in the UK right now, breaking the £300 barrier – £291.05 at time of publication. This is a huge investment, and for the price of the stand alone, you could pick up a very tasty additional 24 inch screen, or several 21 inch screens. That said, if you are already interested in this product, you probably have all the screens you need.


  • built to last a very long time
  • no corners cut with the design
  • complete tilt and pivot action for both portrait and landscape viewing modes


  • very expensive.

Kitguru says: If you have £300 burning a hole in your pocket and want to tidy up your multi screen desktop, then this is worth a look.

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Rating: 8.0.

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