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Torch browser adds music functionality

Once upon a time the default web browser for everyone was Internet Explorer. Those days are long gone though, but so are the ones that saw everyone that considered themselves a bit of a tech head using Firefox. Now people seem to be split quite evenly with the latest IE developments, Chrome and the fiery tailed vulpine. If you’re looking for something a bit different though, the Torch browser now offers a built in music player and cataloguing system built around Youtube.

I don’t know about you guys, but most of the time while I’m working I have some music on in the background and because I’ve never been an iTunes fan or built up much of a collection of my own, I usually just throw on an hour long mix from Youtube and crack on. The only pain in the neck part is finding the songs in the first place, as often times there are weird versions, remixes and Vevo censored tracks cluttering up the search results. Torch’s music system seems a bit more streamlined, letting you search by track, artist or album, listing the latter portion with all tracks in one location  It even lets you to search for the next song while the current one (and video) remains playing.


Each track you listen to is listed on the right hand side, so you can backtrack quickly if you feel like it, creating playlists on the fly. There’s a shuffle command, the ability to create separate playlists, a skip track function – it’s a nice little media player built on top of the Youtube API.

Torch is also somewhat unique, due to its built in Torrent software, which allows for the managing of torrent downloads within a tab.

KitGuru Says: I started using Torch a while back as a replacement for a broken version of uTorrent – for legal downloads only of course – and it’s quickly becoming one of my preferred pieces of software. For general browsing Chrome is still a fair bit faster, but its extra functions make Torch a winner in my book. 

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