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Halo veteran and Far Cry 2 director just left Amazon Game Studios

Over the last couple of years, Amazon has been making a push in the gaming space, even going as far as to set up its very own studio with quite a few esteemed developers coming from famed studios like Valve and Bungie. However, we have yet to see any big projects come out of Amazon Game Studios and now, two high profile employees have left.

First up on the list is Clint Hocking, who joined the studio last year after working at Ubisoft on the Splinter Cell series, he also directed Far Cry 2. Hocking has been around the block quite a bit, having also taken part in unannounced projects at Valve and LucasArts before it shut down. We don’t know what Hocking was actually working on over at Amazon, though he was a senior game designer at the studio.


The other key departure is Eric Nylund, who spent 13 years at Microsoft working on the Halo franchise, amongst other projects. He was the director of narrative design at Amazon Game Studios, having signed on back in 2013. He was in charge of the story for multiple titles, creating new IPs and coming up with concepts.

While Amazon Game Studios has yet to publish any big projects, it is said to have been working on an “ambitious PC game” a while back. Amazon also owns Double Helix, the team behind Killer Instinct so there is still plenty of talent left at Amazon, but any projects these two had a hand in are likely going to be affected by the departure.

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KitGuru Says: Amazon built up quite a team for its game studio, though we have yet to actually see anything big from them. I do wonder why these two left though, we have heard quite a bit recently about Amazon’s business practises and how it can treat its employees badly so I wonder if that spreads to its creative studios.

Via: Gamespot

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