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Valve can now ban you from non VAC protected games

Valve is opening up the Steam platform even more for developers, allowing them to report hackers and cheaters directly to Valve, who can then block access to a specific title on your account. This means that Valve can now ban you for cheating in non VAC protected games.

Valve announced this new move over on the Steam Community, explaining that while many developers choose to implement their own anti-cheat systems, these accounts can now be directly reported to Valve, who can then issue a ban on the Steam account.


“Game developers inform Valve when a disruptive player has been detected in their game, and Valve applies the game ban to the account. The game developer is solely responsible for the decision to apply a game ban. Valve only enforces the game ban as instructed by the game developer.”

Now the problem with Valve's statement, is that it further enforces the fact that it wants no accountability for its actions, which is troubling. What if an early access developer gets bitter about negative reviews on Steam and just tries to get some of its harsher customers banned? What if a professional games reviewer gives a particular title a negative review, causing the developer to try and report that person's account for cheating?

Obviously for the most part, being able to ban cheaters is a good thing but people have toyed with Valve's un-policed systems in the past, whether it be Greenlight, Early Access or the user review section on the store page. Eventually, one bitter indie developer is going to leverage this tool for their own gain.  We have seen similar actions taken over on YouTube with false DMCA takedown requests.

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KitGuru Says: A lot of Valve's recent additions to Steam have started off as good ideas in theory. Unfortunately, Greenlight became too easy to get through, Early Access is constantly being abused and now Valve wants to let developers ban users from accessing certain titles on Steam- all while taking zero responsibility for any of it. Valve needs to take these things in to account sooner before users start facing problems. 

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  1. I have some inde dev friends, now next time we get in a disagreement they can ban my steam account, nice.


  3. They will never get banned, forget all this ‘eventually’ rubbish they will continually get away with it. Instead innocent people that get caught in ‘hacked lobbies’ pay the price.

    I got a vac ban on MW3 even though I hadn’t been on steam for about 4 months nevermind playing anything. Last thing I did play was MW3 on a lobby that was so badly messed up it gave me all weapons, superspeed, all tags, all unlocks .. I tried resetting it and nothing worked, i tried uninstall / reinstall nothing worked. I emailed both activision and steam and they were completely useless in helping me reset it. So I just went to bf3 instead. I log in one day bored and there I am banned 🙁

    Not the first time I’ve heard of badly dished out VAC bans but I was one of those people that thought oh well they are full of it .. I only had a KD of something like 0.8, i never take a game seriously enough to play seriously

    Now I don’t bother with steam at all since they were so unhelpful with why I got banned. Had steam for years and never once cheated. I can see why they don’t tell a person how they (supposedly) got caught but at the same time If you are showing them emails you sent both to activision and themselves surely they should take that onboard

  4. wel te can check wen your account was log in last and wat game you play the from wath IP you play PS having a hack file on your PC or some realy strange programe if join a modded server that dit tis ten report it steam wil help you if you just try and dont start freakng out at tem most poeple i report for hacking in game have bin ban from steam even so steam is doing good if poeple dont try wath te say ten ter no use to to support in any way i never had problems with steam support like poeple clam and i posted some problems and te allways got fix. VAC wil only trigger for a reason so it was you who use a hack program or some other tool or change some files in the game or even replaced textures in the IWD file or moddels if i want i can create window textures and put tem in the IWD file and replace some textures so i can see every where like ter not even a building the end you account got hack and some wan use it to ban you or test a hack.
    PS sorry for the bad english

  5. rip english

  6. Valve does not even vet there reviews. The reviews on steam are utterly useless. Anyone can put up a review even someone who tried on a free weekend & played for 0.1 hours oh they didn’t even finish the tutorial. You also have games where the developers have left reviews without even declaring there affiliation with the company. (or with other competing companies). Some of them are so dumb they use there social media handles on steam as well so you can just pick them out. Then you have games where they have payed people to play ofcourse there going to be biased & give a great review.

    It’s not going to make the reviews on steam any worse there already utterly useless. Online reviews in general are utterly useless for any product.

  7. Banned from their games, nothing more, and only during early access.

  8. This new program, gives you a ban on record, and can ban you from VAC games

  9. Ban you from VAC secured servers. Meaning almost every game you won’t be able to play online and gonna need a new account + re purchase those games.