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Noontec A9 Smart TV Box Review

The Noontec M100 multimedia keyboard really enhances the user experience of the media player. The remote control that is included with the A9 only caters for the very basic functions like volume, basic navigation and back, home and power. The M100 is designed to be used in conjunction with this.

As you can see from the size comparison with our HTC EVO 3D mobile phone in the photo above, the M100 is quite compact indeed. The left hand two thirds of the unit are reserved for the integrated QWERTY keyboard with the thumbpad occupying the remaining space. For some reason Noontec has integrated a tiny LED torch into one end of the keyboard which is operated using a button along the bottom edge of the device.

Despite its small size, the keyboard is actually very easy to use. The small size means it’s very easy to reach across it with your thumbs and the keys are large enough to hit accurately. We rarely found ourselves activating the wrong key when inputting text and web addresses. A few specific keys are in unusual locations but once you’ve used it for a little while you get used to it.

The thumbpad is quite small in size but is substantial enough for basic navigation. Noontec has included a second left mouse button in the top right hand corner of the keyboard, in addition to the one below the thumbpad, which you can use with your left thumb while operating the thumbpad with your right.

We have to plug a tiny USB receiver into the smart TV box for the keyboard to function. And, when not in use, the keyboard can be charged up using the USB cable supplied.

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