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Need a DIY Christmas idea? How about Netflix socks

Although it’s usually easier to buy someone a Christmas present with money you’ve already earned, for those that would rather give the gift of effort and smart-technology, Netflix has put a guide online on to make a pair of socks with a special ability. They keep your feet warm of course, but …

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Smart wound-dressing could detect bacterial infections

A new type of smart dressing for wounds could allow doctors to be more selective with their doling out of antibiotics, something that is consistently preached as an important measure to avoid the growth of highly-resistive bacteria. It could have particular application we’re told, for use with wounds on children, …

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Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router EA6500 Review

Routers are the life and soul of the media party in many modern households. They are also under an ever increasing demand to deliver high definition media content to multiple devices simultaneously. Whether this be for streaming TV, gaming online,  downloading or uploading content – it all requires a fast …

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Noontec A9 Smart TV Box Review

Noontec aren’t a very well known company in the United Kingdom but they have a fairly broad range of products available. We recently looked at their MovieHome V8 NAS Media Player which was sadly a little disappointing. A lack of features and substandard software interface put a stop to a …

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AViiQ Smart Case for iPad 2 Review

When they created the iPad 2, Apple also designed the ‘Smart Cover’ which gives the iPad 2 screen an extra level of protection whilst interacting with it so that when you open the cover, it automatically turns on.  The only problem with this cover is that it only protects the …

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