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Synology DS710+ 2 bay NAS Server

We will be testing the Synology DS710+ within our gigabit network which is pretty much as good as you will get for the home. It is a mixed network with several 1GBit switches for ultimate performance.

Reference Test PC:
: Intel Core i7 920 @ 4ghz
Storage: Kingston 128GB SSD V+ Series
Motherboard: Asus Rampage II Gene
Graphics: Geforce GTX285 2GB
Memory: Corsair Dominator 1600mhz @2000mhz
Network: 2x Belkin 16 Port Gigabit Switches
Operating System: Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate

Our local PC has a fast Kingston SSD as the main drive and we are using it to ensure no bottlenecks occur on this side of the testing. Our PC is hooked up to the network and we transfer a 10GB MKV file from the PC to the NAS systems. All three NAS systems are using dual drive Raid 0 configurations with mechanical drives.

I was stunned to see the Synology DS710+ outperforming the more expensive QNAP systems if only by a few MB/s

Again I was stunned to see such amazing results from this unit, I have never seen a solid figure over 100mb/s maintained from a NAS system.

Lan Speed test is a useful real world test which loads a network connection.  It writes a file to a remote drive (our Synology NAS in this instance) and then reads the same file back over again.

Again this is a class leading result from the Synology DS710+. The QNAP 639 Pro is a robust, fast unit, but it is outclassed by the cheaper DS710+ in raw performance.

Next we created a folder of files, 500mb/s in size with a variety of files, from small database documents to larger jpgs and bmps. We expect to pay a slight penalty as we are using Jumbo frames set to 9k, however performance should still be good.

While the results are much lower due to a much higher level of accessing the Synology still leads the pack by a noticeable margin. These results really impressed me, especially considering the price.

We measured dBa and the unit never surpassed 18dBa in our testing. While Synology state it can hit 35dB we would assume you would need to be living inside a sauna to reach these levels. It is basically ‘silent’.

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