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BigFoot Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card Review

Several cards arrived at the KitGuru offices and the box art is ‘supernatural manga’ by design. The front explains that the card is for ‘maximum networking performance for online games”. The rear of the box shows a picture of the card as well as the key benefits you will experience. There are also a few shots of the Network Manager control panel which is an integral control aspect of the hardware.

The package contains the unit inside an anti static bag as well as the driver disc and a little guide for operation. We recommend you visit the official site to get the latest drivers as they are updated quite regularly.

The unit itself is nicely designed with a vented black front shell to protect the PCB. The rear of the PCB shows some dense population of components. It connects via a 1x PCI Express slot and this card will work with any PCI Express slot from 1x to 16x.

Removing the protective shell shows the card in all its glory. The “K” is engraved on the unit and there is no fan included, its not really needed as it only gets lukewarm, even under extended load.

The PCB has heavy population density across the area and we notice that the audio jacks from the Xeno are gone. The PowerPC chip is the same and the PCB is new with a higher quality of components used.

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