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BigFoot Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card Review

The Killer 2100 Gaming card has been developed for online gamers from the ground up and we felt it deserved a good home in one of our more serious test beds.

We therefore used The KitGuru Monster Gaming rig which is a hybrid beast capable of delivering staggering frame rates in any game on the market today.

It comprises the following award winning components:
Intel i875K CPU @ 4.8ghz
Kingston 8GB DDR3 1600 Ram
Noctua NH D14 cooler (Austrian Sandwich) Tri Cooling setup, additional 14cm Noctua Fan
Intel DP55WG Motherboard
HIS ICooler V Turbo HD5870 and ATI HD5870 in Crossfire X (@ 900mhz and 1250mhz ram)
Intel X25-V 80GB Raid 0 SSD (boot drive)
Enermax 700W Modu87+ PSU
4 x 1TB Samsung Hard Drives
Silverstone Raven 02 Chassis

7.7, say what? the flawed and sometimes silly Windows rating system

Windows 7 64 Bit Ultimate Edition is our operating system of choice today.

Belkin Gigabit Switch with NetGear Router – Virgin Media 50MBIT Broadband.

The KitGuru Monster Gaming Rig can power through any game on the market, and can even push Crysis Warhead at 2560×1600 with the eye candy cranked. The CPU runs at 5c over ambient when idle and peaks at 67c under full load (ambient room 25c), thanks to the combination of 3x 18cm Raven 02 fans and Noctua Austrian Sandwich award winning cooler. It is still surprisingly quiet too. 46.5dba under full load with FurMark.

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