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BigFoot Killer 2100 Gaming Network Card Review

Netperf is a suite that is designed to test network performance across a wide variety of parameters. This is generally a throughput test which will measure ultimate data flow between the hardware points. You can learn more about Netperf over here.

We set up a run via test-tcp.bat to the server IP address in our network with packet sizes of around 1460 bytes across a set period of time. The server system also used a Killer 2100 NIC for this test.

Our Intel card achieved rates between 750 and 800mbit per second. Next we switch to the Killer card.

We managed to achieve between 920-950mbit per second with the Killer 2100.

Next we want to test UDP throughput and this requires the use of the Test-UDP.bat file we send 1472 byte packet data to the server machine. We set a time of 20 seconds again and run the test multiple times to get an average.

It is quite clear that the Killer 2100 is delivering considerably more bandwidth both with TCP and UDP Data Transfer.

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