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Synology Diskstation DS3611xs Review

The DS3611xs is shipped in a massive box, which follows the traditional, and rather plain packaging style of Synology.

The unit is shipped with a manual, software CD, power plug, drive mounting screws and four Cat 6 cables.

We have reviewed the DS1511+ before, which is a big unit, but even that pales in comparison to the DS3611xs. It is really heavy, even without drives installed, weighing 10.53 kg.

We are pleased to see, that since this is aimed at the business audience, Synology are using metal drive bays. The lower surface is coated so it won’t directly touch against sensitive drive electronics. A nice touch.

There are 12 drive connectors in the DS3611xs with a total storage capacity support of 36TB (12x3TB).

The chassis is substantial, being constructed from metal. Underneath there are six rubber protected feet, for maximum stability.

The back of the DS3611xs has ample cooling, supplied from two 120mm fans. Above these is a housing for the power supply, which we will look at when we get to the insides shortly.

At the right there is a reset button, 4 USB 2.0 ports and 4 LAN ports.

The side panels are bolted into place by two screws at the rear of the chassis. There are three removable sections, both side panels and a top panel.

The DS3611xs ships with a 3.1ghz dual core Intel processor and 2GB of ECC ram.

The SATA based daughtercard slots into the main motherboard. The two 120mm fans are high performance YSTECH models producing over 50cfm of air each, thermally controlled from the motherboard.

Synology are using a 500w Seasonic 80 Plus Bronze Certified power supply which feeds power into both the motherboard and the SATA daughtercard.

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  • Nester

    Can I have your review sample for keepsies ? 😉

  • Raymond Dian

    Funny really, my network, im lucky to get 12mbit to my NAS. this is 50 times faster and its still not even at the limit. I need to win the lotto.

  • Iain

    More expensive than my computer and monitor and desk combined.

    STunning bit of work from Synology, they are really cornering this market in the last year.

  • Tennor

    My boss will be very interested in this, looks ideal for our business

  • Thomas

    I wish they would make a home version of this , an upgrade to the 1511, for a little more, with more bays, key locking system, and metal bays. their plastic mounts are very poor. QNAP can do it.

  • This might interest you http://www.kitguru.net/networking/nas/carl/synology-launch-the-ds2411-for-the-hardcore-enthusiast/

  • Brian

    That is incredible, they have certainly not compromised with this unit. its a very good price considering its targeting some cisco systems

  • David

    Nice to see them using more metal and less plastic. for this market though they wouldnt get away with it.

    Out of my price bracket but ive been looking at their other models. Something for everyone 😉

  • Pascal

    There are some things I don’t see clearly on the pictures:
    1) can the CPU be changed (i.e. normal CPU with fan or soldered onboard?)
    2) how many memory sockets are available? what memory is installed (those initial 2GB?)

  • Mark

    Cool stuff, the rack version of the xs series has some crazy performance


  • iieeann

    Just some user experience after using QNAP and Synology.
    1) The front panel is plastic. The casing is steel. External Built quality is far inferrior than QNAP.
    2) Each HDD bracket is not labeled like QNAP. Be sure to label them yourself; or label on the HDD, for future maintenance. I label both.
    3) Boot time is quite fast, less than 2 min.
    4) Network cables in the box are type CAT5e, not CAT6. 2m length.
    5) Heavy and big, ouch… Quiet during operation. Fan speed is “Quiet” by default.

    No test result yet, building volume. Intel I305-T4 network card will only arrive next week.