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Synology Diskstation DS3611xs Review

The Synology Diskstation DS3611xs is a deadly serious corporate NAS system for a large scale business. We have struggled to test it to its specified bandwidth limitations because we would need to upgrade our network and populate the system with 12 hard drives. Still, even with 6 1TB hard drives paired up into Raid 0 configurations and several dedicated 1Gbit switches populating all four LAN ports, we can see the potential, in the right circumstances. Ideally we would have loved to test this unit within a dual 10GbE configuration using an add-on PCI Express x8 Gen2 Network Interface Card.

Until now, Synology have been selling their products for the home market, and they have done so very successfully with a wide range of products targeted at every price point. The DS1511+ is a class leading performance NAS system for the hardcore enthusiast user, and the DS3611xs is equally as impressive for the corporate business market.

While £2,000 might seem like a huge amount of cash, for the targeted business oriented audience we feel this product is actually somewhat of a bargain. Internally, no corners have been cut – Synology have ditched the low cost ATOM processor, and have opted for a 3.1 ghz dual core cpu, with 2GB of ECC ram which is upgradable to 8GB if the need arises. The daughtercard and motherboard take power from an 80 Plus Bronze Certified Seasonic 500W power supply which is sure to last the distance.

Synology have addressed comments we made in the past. Gone are the plastic drive bays, and they have finally added a lockable key system for added security. All necessary requirements for the business audience.

Dabs are currently stocking the product.


  • built like a tank
  • all metal design with key locking system
  • performance is aimed at the fastest networks
  • multitasking software package is lightning quick on the dual core 3.1ghz CPU
  • Good price point
  • can expand on the storage with the optional DX1211 12 bay expansion


  • None.

Kitguru says: If you own a business with a demand for fast networking, then this should be on your shortlist.

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Rating: 9.5.

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