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Synology RackStation RS411 review

The RackStation RS411 arrives in a huge box which isn’t really surprising as the unit itself is 44mm X 430.5mm X 457.5mm (HxWxD).

The bundle contains the software disc, literature on the product and setup, rack mounted panels, drive mounting screws and a power cable.

The RS411 is a huge NAS system, geared for rack mounted business configurations, the four drive slots are designed in parallel for maximum vertical efficiency. It is made completely of metal and weighs a whopping 7.1kg without drives.

Each of the drive bays are metal, set in place with a hefty metal bracket, pretty much a prerequisite for a business.

Next to the power buttons are activity LED’s which give an overview of system status.

Along the back are several fans to keep the drives cool under operation. The power cable sits on the right side at the rear of the chassis. There are three 40mm x 40mm fans installed which Synology have selected carefully to keep noise emissions to a minimum.

Connectivity is plentiful, with several gigabit enabled LAN ports, USB 2.0 ports and an eSATA for connection to another units. This section is also removable, simply unscrew two thumbscrews for access.

This control board has a 1.6GHZ processor onboard with 256MB of Hynix H5TQ1G83BFA DDR3 memory. It also can support wireless with an additional connector.

Synology are using metal drive trays with this particular design, which is great. The metal sections are covered with felt material to offer additional protection for each of the hard drives when installed. Sadly there is no key locking system, but Rack based NAS systems are often fitted behind glass cabinets for security purposes.

Each of the drives are installed by screw mounting from the rear, through the cage. It only takes a few minutes for each drive. They are then slotted (with an audible click) back into position.

The Synology RackStation RS411 is certainly well made, and all aspects of the design are catering to the more demanding business sector, who expect ultimate build quality.

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