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Synology RackStation RS411 review

Rating: 8.5.

Over the last year KitGuru has reviewed many NAS systems and we have been impressed so far with the entire range from Synology. So much so in fact that we have ended up with several of their products powering our business network. Today we are looking at the new RackStation RS411 which is targeted at business workgroups with dual LAN failover and link aggregation support.

Many people get confused with the Synology naming methodology, but on paper it is actually really easy to understand.

“+” series = performance range.
standard series (no digit) = mixture of performance and storage.
“j” series = entry level consumer, concerned about capacity but not performance.

DS = Diskstation
RS = Rackstation
First Digit = number of bays
Second numbers = year for the release

Therefore we can see that the RS411 is a 4 drive capable unit and was created for the year 2011. The RS411 can support 3 terrabyte hard drives, which means that a total storage capacity of 12TB is allowed (4x3TB). This should cover most bases for small or medium sized businesses.


  • Optimal Price/Performance Ratio
  • Cross Platform File Sharing & Backup
  • Fit to Business Environment
  • 2 LAN with Failover and Link Aggregation Support
  • Affordable Total Cost of Ownership

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  • Garth

    The rack mounted designs always look much more hardcore than the home units. even though for the home they take up far too much space. nice design, all metal, always good.

  • Eric

    They make some great nas systems, no doubt about it. Im happy with the 211 I bought a while ago.

  • Fran

    Interesting to see KG reviewing business products. I need a NAS, but not something like this. the DS411 looks good value for money.

  • Thomas

    I still dont understand why you have to install the software on the product before you can use it. is the firmware and software all in one package? never seen any other company do it like this.

  • Ged

    we have several rack mounts in work, but they are cisco based. cost a lot of money I hear.

  • 837 102933

    in regads to someone who posted earlier, I was going to get a rs411 last year, but went for a buffalo product instead, for 100 less. the performance is quite slow however. I back up overnight generally as it drives me nuts.