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Synology RackStation RS411 review

The Synology RS411 is capable of sustaining over 100 MB/s when delivering files to employees within a business environment. The dual LAN configuration with failover support and hot swappable drives helps ensure constant service uptime if disaster strikes.

The RS411 is not only a high performance NAS system, but it combines rugged metal design with easy access to internal circuitry from the rear. As a backup device it covers many bases, for instance PC users can back up their data to the RS411 using the free Synology Data Replicator software and Mac OSX users have native Apple Time Machine integration, making it totally hassle free.

Additionally, the DiskManager software allows for web based backup to another Synology Diskstation or Rackstation. USB and eSATA support also means that smaller external drives can be used for total peace of mind.

Energy efficiency is very impressive, with the RS411 only demanding 21 watts of power when in hibernation mode. Scheduled power off times can be set to help reduce electricity costs, such as overnight when employees aren’t working.

The Synology RS411 can cater for the hosting of up to 30 websites with PHP/MySQL content. Functionality is further enhanced by the Surveillance Station which delivers a centralised interface to protect office environments by the deployment of IP cameras throughout the network. Mail Station can be added to turn the RS411 into a mail server with only a few simple steps. USB printers can be shared across an office environment directly from the unit.

On a software level there really is no faster, more streamlined operating system than Synology Diskmanager V3.0. It covers enough areas to be truly useful to an expert, yet it is uncluttered enough to make sense to a networking newbie.

The only negative we could mention would be the write performance, which seemed to peak around the 53 MB/s mark, even when using a Solid State Drive for verification. This will not prove an issue for the majority of working conditions, but for those who need ultimate performance, then we strongly recommend the Synology DS1010+ or DS1511+. They aren’t rack solutions, but the throughput is phenomenal.

Pricing in the UK is set around the £700 including vat mark, but we have seen some dealers selling them for under £600, which makes it an even more tempting proposition.

KitGuru says: Another excellent product from Synology, their range grows stronger and stronger every month.

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Rating: 8.5.

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