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WD introduces high-performance 5TB and 6TB HDDs for consumers

Western Digital Corp. on Tuesday introduced its new WD Black hard disk drives with 5TB and 6TB capacities. The new HDDs are designed for consumers and creative professionals who require both high performance and high-capacity. In fact, the WD Black 6TB will be the company’s highest-performing consumer-class hard disk drive …

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Seagate preps Archive HDDs: 5TB, 6TB and 8TB at low price-points

This year both Seagate Technology and Western Digital Corp. introduced hard disk drives with breakthrough capacities designed for near line storage applications. Since those hard drives are based on enterprise-class platforms, they are too expensive not only for consumers, but even for cold-storage applications. This week Seagate quietly added the …

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Seagate unleashes Enterprise NAS lineup of hard disk drives

Seagate Technology on Tuesday introduced an all-new family of hard disk drives designed for enterprise-class network area storage (NAS) storage devices. The new HDDs will provide enhanced performance and reliability for NAS applications and will compete against Western Digital’s Red Pro series HDDs. Seagate’s Enterprise NAS hard drives feature 7200rpm …

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Toshiba debuts ‘world’s first’ 7200rpm 5TB HDD for consumers

Toshiba Corp. has introduced the world’s first hard disk drive with 5TB capacity and 7200rpm spindle speed designed for consumer desktop computers. This year all leading manufacturers of hard disk drives unveiled HDDs of extreme 5TB or 6TB capacities for enterprise, nearline storage or NAS applications. Such hard drives feature ~5400rpm …

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Seagate quietly starts to sell 5TB hard disk drives

Seagate announced earlier this year that it would start shipments of its first enterprise-class hard disk drive with 6TB of storage space sometimes in April. While the firm is getting ready to release its highest-capacity hard drive ever, it has already started to ship a HDD that combines performance with …

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Toshiba MG04 HDDs: up to 5TB capacity, 7200rpm spindle speed

Toshiba Corp. on Thursday introduced a new enterprise-class MG04-series hard disk drive family with up to 5TB capacity as well as 7200rpm spindle-speed. The new drives are engineered for the high-capacity demands of mid-tier servers and cloud application workloads and for capacity-optimized data center storage systems that benefit from high …

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