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Samsung now has phone exchange booths at airports


The fall out from Samsung’s disastrous Galaxy Note 7 launch continues today, with the news that it’s begun offering smartphone exchange points at airports around the world. Following the news that many airlines had banned flyers from bringing the overheating smartphones on board, it’s begun collecting them at the point …

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France pushes for biometric scanning at all EU airports

Passport, no liquids over a certain size, no luggage over a certain weight – those are the main considerations when heading on to a plane in a contemporary airport. Although some may point out the many flaws in current pre-flight safety checks of passengers and their right to fly, none …

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CAA threatens jail time after another drone near-miss

The Civil Aviation Authority, which directly and indirectly handles all sorts of aircraft regulation within the UK, has announced that any drone users found to be endangering other aircraft will be prosecuted and could face up to five years in jail if convicted. This follows on from another instance where …

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