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OCUK launches 8Pack Asteroid Mini-ITX gaming system

The Overclockers UK 8Pack gaming PC range has an excellent reputation when it comes to monstrous liquid cooled towers but today, OCUK is announcing something new- the 8Pack Asteroid, an all new Mini-ITX system packed with high-performance hardware that has been finely tuned by 8Pack himself. For those who perhaps …

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Obama gives go ahead for asteroid mining, ownership

Although the U.S. and Russia were at each other’s throats when it came to the 20th century space race, they did agree in 1967 that no state could claim ownership of celestial bodies. That hasn’t stopped some commercial ventures from doing so of course, even without legal binding, but now …

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Asteroid that killed dinosaurs was actually a comet


It’s generally accepted that whatever created the 180km wide Chicxulub crater in Mexico was the giant rock that wiped out all non-bird-like dinosaurs around 65 million years ago. However there’s a new suggestion that it may not have been an asteroid, but a comet. The reason behind this thinking was …

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Nasa aim to send robot spacecraft to asteroid

NASA announced yesterday that they plan on launching a robot based spacecraft to an asteroid in 2016, to help them understand how life began. The mission will cost a hefty $800 million and the plans are to get the robot to collect pieces of the asteroid. If successful it will …

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