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Refugee Text wants to help make seeking asylum easier


As much as immigrants and refugees are a sensitive, emotive political topic, it's easy to agree that actually being one of those people fleeing a war torn country must be pretty terrifying. With that in mind, Refugee Text wants to use the power of automated chat bots to help those …

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More and more Germans want to give Snowden asylum

Following on from revelations that the US' NSA had been tapping the phone of German chancellor, Angela Merkel for over a decade, a growing number of politicians and influential people in Germany have been calling for the government to offer asylum to NSA document leaker Edward Snowden. Published in a …

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Edward Snowden accepts temporary Russian asylum

Edward Snowden, the NSA contractor who leaked documents pertaining to the NSA's PRISM campaign and set off a worldwide revelation of how much governments are able to keep track of their citizens, has been granted asylum in Russia by President Putin, on the condition that he stops leaking U.S. secrets. …

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