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Microsoft just acquired a live streaming service of its own


Live streaming is a huge part of gaming these days, which became even clearer when the Xbox One launched with Twitch streaming functionality built-in. However, it looks like Microsoft wants to get into the live streaming business itself as it just acquired Beam, an ‘interactive’ live streaming service, which gives …

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Next SpaceX launch to expand ISS with inflatable habitat

One of the biggest problems with getting anything into space is the costs involved in hauling every kilo up and out of the atmosphere. If every kilogram costs around £3,000 to get into orbit, imagine the costs involved in taking up the entire International Space Station over the years. One …

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Edward Snowden uses Demolition Man tech to talk at CES

Edward Snowden has made an appearance at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show. Not, as you might expect, in person, but on a display with its own locomotion, looking rather like the meeting room in Demolition Man. The technology was really important, Snowden said, because it allowed him to talk at …

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