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Microsoft’s live streaming service is now called ‘Mixer’, launches new features

Back in August, Microsoft acquired the live streaming service known as Beam, which came with a few distinct benefits over Twitch, with support for higher quality streams being the main selling point. Unfortunately, it looks like Microsoft couldn't get the rights to use the Beam brand globally, so the service is now being rebranded ‘Mixer' and is relaunching with some new features, including a dual-stream mode.

Mixer is a service that claims to completely do away with stream latency, meaning broadcasters won't have to deal with the 10 to 20 second delay you usually get between chat and what you're doing at the time. Aside from that, Mixer is also debuting a new co-stream mode.

With co-streaming, anywhere up to four streamers can combine their broadcasts into a shared split-screen view, which could potentially be good for podcasting shows or co-operative game streams.

The final new feature also coming to Mixer at launch is something called ‘Mixer Create' which allows streaming from an Android or iOS device, which could open the door for mobile game streams and IRL streams if Microsoft can attract the user-base for it.

There will be something known as Channel One too, which will go through and help promote/highlight various content creators on the site, esports events and more, similarly to the Twitch home page.

KitGuru Says: Beam was a pretty good name but given Microsoft's inability to secure global use of the brand, it makes sense just to change the name and hold a re-launch.

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