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MSI teases GTX 1080Ti Lightning and new motherboards for Computex

Computex 2017 kicks off in just a few days time but it looks like MSI is generating some buzz early. This year, we can expect to see new Gaming and GODLIKE motherboards on the show floor but there will also be a new GTX 1080Ti Lightning edition card, alongside a new GTX 1080Ti Gaming X with USB Type-C.

Let's start off with the GPUs. Firstly, MSI is going to be unveiling the GTX 1080Ti Lightning Z graphics card, combining some of its tried and true features, the TriFrozr cooler with TORX 2.0 fans and Military Class 4 components.

MSI also has another new GTX 1080Ti up its sleeve, a variant of the Gaming X 11G with USB Type-C support.

On the motherboard front, MSI will have a new X370 Gaming M7 motherboard to show off. This brings one of MSI's most popular motherboards over to AMD's latest platform, with Military Class 6 components, strong heatsinks and a 13-phase power design. Other features include DDR4 Boost, dual M.2 SSD support USB 3.1 and USB Type C.

On the Intel side, MSI will be offering up an all new Z270 GODLIKE Gaming motherboard, featuring the usual array of features including Killer LAN E2500 ports for low latency gaming and unique bandwidth management. It comes with a great on-board audio solution with an ESS DAC and two dedicated audio processors. There is also extensive storage options with three Turbo M.2 slots with the M.2 shield for extra cooling. You will also find support for USB 3.1 Gen2 and USB Type-C. According to MSI, this is set to be the best motherboard it has ever made.

Those are some of the highlights we can expect from MSI this year. However, the company will also be bringing a range of new laptops, pre-built systems and even some peripherals. We will be at Computex next week in full force so you can expect to see plenty of additional coverage from us then.

KitGuru Says: Computex is always a fairly exciting time for tech enthusiasts. We are expecting to see plenty of announcements at the show next week, so stay tuned.

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  1. I just moved from a Sapphire Vapor-X which had 3 Small fans and may have been quiet for a 290X but was still very very loud to a TWIN FROZR VI Torx 2.0 which was recommended on here and it is silent, like my 120mm exhaust and radiator fans are more audible than the GPU. I’m so glad I chose MSI over the other 1080’s.

  2. Mehmet Kemal Cansevdi

    I have r9 280x vaporx and last month i bought 1080ti FE

  3. Was the 280X as noisy? I’m not sure I could handle a Founders Edition card, not when the price of custom cards have dropped so much. Only time I’d go Founders is if I absolutely had to get that warm air out of my case.

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