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Toshiba doubles down on 3D memory investment with new fab


Toshiba is set to build a brand new fabrication plant in Yokkaichi Operations in Mie, Japan, dedicated to the production of 3D Flash memory. With construction set to begin in early 2017, the fab. will sit alongside a new Memory research and development centre that will also be constructed over …

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Toshiba: 128TB SSDs will hit the market in 2018

New types of NAND flash memory will not only help to reduce costs of non-voltatile memory, but will also enable makers to build solid-state drives with unprecedented capacities. Toshiba Corp. believes that SSDs with 128TB capacity will become available commercially already three years from now. In the coming years Toshiba …

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Toshiba, SanDisk unveil 256Gb 48-layer BiCS NAND flash memory chip

Toshiba Corp. and SanDisk Corp. have formally introduced their first vertically stacked triple-level-cell (TLC) NAND flash memory IC [integrated circuit] with 256Gb capacity. The new 3D BiCS [bit cost scalable] NAND flash memory will be mass produced next year. Toshiba’s new 256Gb (32GB) 48-layer BiCS flash device features 3-bit-per-cell TLC (triple-level cell) …

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Toshiba’s 48-layer BiCS 3D NAND enables fast and reliable SSDs

Toshiba Corp. and SanDisk Corp. this week said that they have finished development of vertically-stacked 3D NAND memory devices. The BiCS [bit cost scalable] NAND flash memory from the two companies will be mass-produced in 2016 and will enable new solid-state storage devices with enhanced reliability and performance. Toshiba’s three-dimensional …

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