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Broadcom is offering to buy Qualcomm for $130 billion

Qualcomm already has its plate full with its various legal battles against Apple, but it looks like the company is about to have another issue to deal with. This week, rival chipmaker Broadcom made an unsolicited bid to take over Qualcomm, in a deal worth $130 billion. Broadcom is offering …

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Slur offers commercial alternative to Wikileaks

Whistleblowing can be a dangerous business. Edward Snowden's actions over the past couple of years have cost him his freedom and as many a Hollywood movie would show us, it can often lead to loss of life too. Fortunately we live in a world where people have the morale gumption …

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Vintage Apple I computer sells for $905,000

A British auction house has managed to sell a rare Apple I computer for $905,000, almost double the $500,000 it was expected to go for. The winning bid came from the Henry Ford Museum, which said that it will put the 1970s era machine on display for the public. Museum …

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