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France considering blocks on Tor, free Wi-Fi

Politicians of the world are still scrambling to react accordingly in the wake of increased numbers of terrorism linked attacks in recent weeks, but the overarching response has been focused on technology and surveillance than anything else. France may well go further than most though, as it's said to be …

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BT begins blocking private torrent sites

UK based ISP, BT, has gone on another torrent site blocking spree this week, shutting down access to sites that use private trackers and require invites from current members to download from, such as IPTorrents and TorrentDay.  This is the first time that a UK ISP has decided to block …

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Sky torrent blocking knocks out Imgur

In another classic example of site blocking not achieving its original goals and simultaneously overstepping the mark into the realms of censoring completely legitimate content, Sky's recent blocking of several torrent websites as per UK court orders, ended up also blocking popular image hosting site Imgur over the weekend. penis …

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