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Camera driven mass DDOS attack used rented botnets


The last month has seen DDOS attacks on various sources on a magnitude no one has ever seen before: in some cases more than a terabit per second of data. This was more than anyone thought possible, but it was all because whoever was responsible, rented some of the most …

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Hola speaks out on recent botnet accusations

Last week, it was revealed that one of the most popular VPN extensions for Google Chrome, Hola, had been caught out selling its user’s bandwidth via a separate company in order to allow attackers to send DDOS attacks to other sites or services. At the time, it was 8Chan that …

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uTorrent update secretly installs Bitcoin miner

uTorrent has been caught secretly bundling and installing a Bitcoin miner with its latest client update. The latest update has been found to secretly install EpicScale without user permission, which uses a certain amount of CPU power to mine Bitcoin in the background. Since the program comes automatically as part …

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DDOS attacks in movies should look like this

One of the problems with movies is that while they can show us breathtaking beauty, action and philosophy  when it comes to technology, it needs to keep things simple enough for everyone to understand. But beyond that, it needs to be entertaining. That’s why with every single hacking movie ever, we …

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Symantec and Microsoft shutdown search fraud botnet


A botnet that hijacked the clicks and search results of millions of net users has been shut down by Microsoft and Symantec. Apparently the group responsible was netting over a million dollars a year through advertising revenue, generated by the misappropriated traffic. In order to achieve the shut down, the Microsoft Symantec …

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MegaDroid security project in full swing at Sandia

They say that assume makes an ‘ass’ of ‘me’ and ‘u’ and that assumption is the mother of all screw-ups. While millions have been poured into researching security and a multitude of threats from cyber hacking on PCs, far less is known about the networks that are developing around communications …

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Third biggest spam botnet shut down

Rolex Spam

The world’s third largest bot net, known as Grum and  thought to be responsible for around 18 per cent of the world’s email spam, has been shut down. While the confirmation of the downing was made by security firm Fireeye, several other groups were also involved, including: anti spam network …

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