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Facebook cinema stream shut down by Dutch anti-piracy group

While some lobby groups are still railing against the dangers of torrent sites and downloading, many around the world have moved on to much newer ways to watch protected content: like Facebook live streams. Looking to stay on top of emerging trends however is Dutch anti-piracy group, BRIEN, which has shut …

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Dutch ISPs continue to fight lobby groups in court

When most internet service providers were faced with an order from their country's respective high court to block torrent search site The Pirate Bay, they gave in and made that site slightly more difficult for their customers to access. Not so in the Netherlands though, where two high profile ISPs, …

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ISP claims torrenting increased after Pirate Bay block

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Despite copyright lobbyists like the British Phonographic Industry cheered when many European nations announced their intention to block torrent search site The Pirate Bay, a Dutch ISP has spoken out about file sharing traffic, saying that in-fact, the number of people torrenting has increased since the block was put into …

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