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Google working on a proper VR headset

Google has some success bringing cheap Virtual Reality to the intrigued masses last year with the DIY Google Cardboard but now it seems that the company wants to take the next step with a proper VR headset of its own set to launch sometime this year. Much like Cardboard and …

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Google is now getting serious about VR

Google is looking to get involved in the Virtual Reality space as well, following on from the likes of Facebook/Oculus, Sony and HTC/Valve, Google will now be stepping up its efforts with a dedicated VR division, headed by the boss behind the Google Cardboard headset, which was the company’s first …

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YouTube now supports VR video, app supports Cardboard

YouTube today announced that it would be bringing two new features to the service, both of them being virtual reality related. For a start, YouTube now fully supports virtual reality video playback, meaning content creators with the right equipment could upload some pretty interesting experiences. Additionally, the YouTube mobile app …

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Google just bought two new VR companies

The race to make the first consumer friendly VR platform, hardware and content continues apace, with some of the world’s biggest technological companies now upping the ante every few weeks with new demonstrations, new hinted at product features and as is typical with big business, the buying of smaller ones. …

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