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The iPad Pro can become unresponsive after charging

Apple has finally launched the iPad Pro, it’s 13-inch, highly priced tablet. However, early adopters haven’t found the experience to be entirely problem free. iPad Pro users on the Apple Support forums are reporting that the tablet can become completely unresponsive after just an hour of charging- a problem that …

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Apple Watch likely to require nightly charging

Apple has remained fairly quiet on the subject of battery life on its newly announced Apple Watch line, which is probably because it’s not quite as good as many users would hope for. An Apple spokesperson has confirmed that users will most likely need to charge their Apple Watches nightly. Speaking …

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Inductive electric cars to be tested in London

One of the fundamental  issues with electric cars at the moment is the limitations of the batteries that power them.  There are a number of electric vehicles currently available on the UK market such as the Mitsubishi i-MiEV and none of them are capable of much more than 100 miles …

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