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Update: Twitch AutoMod is already having some success


The automated moderation algorithm introduced by gaming streaming site, Twitch, earlier this week, is already paying dividends. According to a number of streamers who traditionally have to deal with abuse or fighting in their attached chat, the number of people saying mean stuff has fallen dramatically. Traditionally, viewing any popular …

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Skype can now translate spoken Arabic in real time

Looking to further conversations between the likes of refugees and their new neighbours, Microsoft has added a new functionality to Skype, which makes it possible for the VOIP tool to translate Arabic as it's being spoken. While it still needs some work, Microsoft is keen to see the tool expand …

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Daesh has its own encrypted chat app

In an effort to help obscure its communications from the many worldwide intelligence agencies trying to hunt them down, members of terrorist group Daesh now have their own encrypted chat application. This follows members of the organisations being kicked off of the likes of WhatsApp, Telegram and other platforms. Governments …

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DotA 2 chat bans cut back on in-game abuse

One of the biggest problems of running a MOBA title like League of Legends, Heroes of Newerth or DotA 2, is that the communities that play them can be extremely caustic. Most players are nice enough, passively playing away with the odd ping to give you a heads up, but …

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