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Chinese government reinforces stranglehold on internet

While much of the Western world has spent the last year reeling at the fact that intelligence agencies abroad and at home have been tracking their every move online and recording every interaction they have, the people of China have been well aware of their government’s overwatch of the internet …

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Shocking profits behind TV stands and accessories

Across the globe, the major TV producers are on their collective knees. Nope, they’re not searching for a remote control under the sofa, they’re looking for any way to turn a profit – before they go out of business. With companies like Sony experiencing a share price drop that would …

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The unsung Chinese iPad hero

If you live in the West, there is a good possibility you have never heard of Ereneben. There is also a very good possibility you will have heard of Apple (and are maybe sick hearing about them in daily news reports). So what’s the connection? The Apple iPad dominates the …

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China hijacks web traffic, fears of cyberweapon emerge

Disturbing news is circulating that a state owned Chinese telecommunications firm rerouted around 15percent of all web traffic through its own servers, during a limited period on April 8. This report, also documented by news agencies in the UK such as The Telegraph has raised fresh concerns that sensitive information …

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