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KickassTorrents makes itself harder to take down: joins dark web

Considering how long governments and media lobbies have been going after torrent sites, it's almost surprising that the likes of KickassTorrents haven't joined the dark-net before now. Better late than never though it seems, as that is exactly what happens, with the popular torrent site publicising the address for all …

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Business as usual: Silk Road 3 reloaded appears

In an almost immediate response to the shut down of the illicit substance marketplace, Silk Road 2 and the arrest of its alleged owner, Blake Benthall, Silk Road 3 “reloaded” has appeared on the dark net, advertising business as usual for underground drug sales. However, just because the name and …

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Many Tor sites compromised, including Tormail

At least half of all Dark Net websites using the TOR network have been compromised, infected with FBI sanctioned malware that can potentially track a site visitor's IP address and the owner of the Freedom Hosting company that provided a lot of the back end storage for many of the …

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