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DARPA has made a carrier-style drone-catcher

The U.S.’ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has created a new carrier-like crane system for catching drones mid-flight. This isn’t like the eagles police have been training, but an aircraft carrier-like system of providing a safe ‘landing’ point for drones to return to. This could expand the effective range …

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US testing guided .50 calibur missiles

No this isn’t a case of me getting my military technologies confused, the US army really is running tests on some of the world’s smallest missiles – ones that can be fired right from a .50 calibre rifle and then guided, after leaving the barrel. Known as Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance …

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DARPA teams up with IBM for self-destructing chips

Sophisticated electronics is used in nearly everything today, including military gear and weapons. The electronics has become necessary for operations, but it is almost impossible to track and recover every device used on the battlefield, which means that some of them might be captured by the enemy and repurposed or …

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Pentagon prepares army of robot worms

In an attempt to create the armed forces products of the future, the Pentagon has gone back to nature. Alongside a dog-like robot to carry a soldier’s heavy equipment into the battlefield, they have also developed a tiny reconnaissance plane that emulates a hummingbird and another device that mimics a cheetah and …

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