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Mars may have methane producing microbes

nasa mars methane

In a paper released in the Science academic journal a few days ago, a group of NASA scientists has confirmed the existence of methane gas on Mars. This is a good indicator of life, as 95% of methane here on Earth is generated by Microbes. While this is in itself impressive, some of the other …

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Steam Discovery Update goes live

If you’ve booted up Steam this morning, you’ve probably bumped into Valve’s latest update for the digital distribution platform, called the, “Steam Discovery Update,” which changes how the store operates quite drastically, in order to make the ‘discovering’ and purchase of new titles that bit easier. As Valve’s platform has …

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Spinosaurus walked on all fours, hunted on land and in water

It’s time to once again go back to that iconic Dinosaur resurrection trilogy, Jurassic Park and correct our view without the 90’s tint, as it turns out that along with the raptors not being of the veloci-kind and the fact that they’d probably have been covered in feathers, the Spinosaurus …

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