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Pirate Bay founder to defend domain seizure

Although they are still often linked with news stories about The Pirate Bay, the original founders haven't had much to do with the site for many years now and certainly weren't involved (at least publicly) in its revamping and fall out earlier this year, but that doesn't mean they've forgotten …

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Popcorn Time goes down after domain suspension

Popcorn Time, the ‘Netflix for pirates' has had one of its most used domains, time4popcorn.eu, suspended and as a result, the application has stopped working for many users. According to an email sent by EURid, the registry explained that the domain was pulled due to being registered with inaccurate contact …

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Nintendo loses court case to acquire WiiU.com

Well at least we now know why Nintendo's latest console release hasn't been selling well: Nintendo doesn't have a decent official URL. It tried, oh Nintendo tried, but the courts decided that it wasn't deserving of being given the site just like that. Now with its appeal denied, Nintendo will …

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Pirate Bay now on .GL domain name

The PirateBay has been a permanent part of the internet for a long time now, but despite this, its domain hasn't been quite so stationary. We saw it go from PirateBay.org to PirateBay.se back in 2012 and now it's set to evolve into its next iteration: Piratebay.GL. This comes because …

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Sex.com domain sells for $13 million

If someone offered you a domain name for $13 million you are likely to either laugh, or faint. But one of the nets most sought after names has just sold at auction for $13 million (£8.2 million). The domain name went on sale in July after the former owner went …

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