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Meet Variety Jones, Ross Ulbricht’s secret mentor

When the online drug marketplace, The Silk Road, was shut down in 2013, it’s now convicted owner, Ross Ulbricht was also arrested and charged with its administration, founding and other related crimes. However as information about the case has come to light, it turns out Ulbricht didn’t figure out everything …

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Ross Ulbricht defence to claim Mt Gox CEO was Silk Road founder

The case of the alleged Silk Road founder, Ross Ulbricht, took an interesting turn today, as the defence began cross-examining department of homeland security (DHS) investigator, Jared Der-Yeghiayan, who said under questioning that he had also investigated the last-owner of the Mt Gox. Bitcoin exchange, Mark Karpeles. He went on to claim …

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Silkroad’s DPR 2.0 enters ‘exile’

The administrator of the second iteration of drug marketplace Silkroad, Dread Pirate Roberts, (DPR) has entered “exile” according to another of the site’s admins, DefCon, who in a lengthy blog post over the weekend talked about the problems that was causing, as well as the solutions his team had come …

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Drama persists in online drug marketplaces

Taking a quick look at any of the comings and goings of online drug marketplaces over the past year will give you several different impressions. One is obviously that it’s astounding how simple it is to purchase supposedly “controlled,” substances online with a little technical know how, but the second …

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