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EFF wants to teach everyone how to avoid surveillance

As of late, it's become apparent that specific rights to privacy and freedom of expression are being clamped down on by the world's intelligence agencies, as they collect data on the public, often without their knowledge. This makes the job of the The Electronic Frontier Foundation, very difficult, as it's main …

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EFF wants courts to reveal Warner Bros DMCA requests

Despite major movie studio Warner Bros having admitted in the past that its automated piracy checking tools often registered false positives through the DMCA takedown system, it has never claimed much responsibility, blaming it instead on technical problems. Likewise it has never had to reveal the extent of its mistakes, …

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EFF calls on US congress to investigate NSA

Digital rights group, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, is often at the forefront of defending consumer rights and the privacy of individuals online, so it's no surprise that in the wake of increasing NSA snooping revelations and the ongoing lack of consequences for those actions, it's calling for a full scale …

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EFF donations aim to help fix software patent issues


Dot-com millionaire Mark Cuban and Minecraft fortune holder Marcus “Notch” Persson, have each donated a quarter million dollars (£153,000) to the Electronic Frontier Foundation, to help the non-profit organisation fix the current problems with software patent law. With these donations the EFF will be able to hire on another patent lawyer in …

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