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Samsung halts sales of Note 7 as explosions continue


Samsung has announced a halt to sales of its recently released flagship smartphone, the Galaxy Note 7, following continued claims of fires and explosions. Although Samsung has recalled a million+ devices, a number of them which were designated ‘safe,’ have still had problems with combustion, forcing the potential recall now …

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Space X Falcon rocket touches down… and then falls over

Space X has once again narrowly missed out on a successful drone-ship landing of its Falcon 9 first stage booster rocket. Although the orbital launch vehicle did manage to touch back down on the automated platform, it only stood upright for a few seconds before toppling over and exploding on …

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US cargo delivery rocket explodes soon after launch

An unmanned rocket that was on its way to the International space station to drop off several thousand kilos worth of supplies to the waiting astronauts, has exploded shortly after leaving the launchpad. Nobody was hurt in the incident, but it’s expected to delay any future launches at the Wallops …

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Intel braces for DDR4 impact after Hynix explosions

Whether it was the minimal increase in performance for the Haswell processors or the terrible reception that Microsoft got for shipping Windows without the Start button – the PC market has not been kind to Intel recently. The chip giant’s situation could get even worse. KitGuru considers the consequences. Executives at …

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Far East memory shipments on hold after Hynix explosions

Following the huge chemical explosions that took out 15% of the world’s memory production a short while ago, KitGuru has now been in contact with several major memory companies and we have been told “Everything is on hold”. As KitGuru reported earlier today, Hynix fabrication plants 1 and 2 (FABs) …

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Hynix FABs on fire after chemical explosion

World DRAM prices are set to rocket as news comes in that Hynix FABs 1 and 2 have been engulfed in a ball of flame following a huge chemical explosion. UPDATE: We have just heard that several major memory suppliers have stopped shipments – read more here. Reports are still …

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Robotic leaps through exploding gases

While we are able to pack tons of processing and memory capability into robots these days, there are still some skills that evade the non-sentient automatons. The ability to jump or leap is one of them. However, scientists at Harvard University are having breakthroughs that centre on exploding gases. KitGuru …

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