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Over 2 million people have reserved a OnePlus 2

Last week, OnePlus announced its new ‘flagship killer' device, the OnePlus 2. The new smartphone will only be obtainable via invite, just like its predecessor for the time being and it seems that quite a lot of people were eager to get on the list as over two million people …

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The OnePlus 2 has been officially announced

The OnePlus has officially revealed its next smartphone, the OnePlus 2, dubbed the ‘2016 flagship killer'. The new device features an aluminium build, comes with a finger print scanner along with the usual high-end phone specs you would expect on any flagship Android smartphone. The OnePlus 2 will use Qualcomm's …

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OnePlus 2 to be revealed on the 1st of June

It looks like we might be seeing the next OnePlus phone much sooner than we expected as currently a 1st of June reveal date is floating around. The original OnePlus One was initially announced in April last year and was then released the same day, although purchases were bound by …

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OnePlus talks more on the OnePlus Two

The follow-up to the very popular OnePlus One smartphone, the OnePlus Two, is expected to launch later this year but so far, OnePlus hasn't given away much. However, the company has finally revealed a few details about its upcoming flagship. Yesterday during a Reddit AMA, two OnePlus workers, David Sanmartin …

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OnePlus 2 to feature a more premium design

Apparently we can expect the follow-up to the OnePlus One (which we assume will be called the OnePlus 2), to feature a more premium design when it launches later this year, following on from Samsung, which recently ditched plastic in favor of metal and glass. According to Business Insider, the Chinese …

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