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Cyberpower launches Syber range of Steam Machines

With the launch of the XBox 360, Wii and PlayStation 3, console gaming entered a golden era. At launch, the graphics were comparable with desktop PCs and the improved revenue streams associated with console games, attracted plenty of titles to choose exclusive launches with one or other platform. Unfortunately, the …

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Win a PlayStation 4 with Seagate SSHD

In the next-gen console wars, Sony’s PlayStation 4 has been the runaway winner. Only significant recent price drops from competitors have managed to slow the PS/4 down at all. So, given how popular this gaming hub is, how can you make it better? KitGuru has teamed up with storage giant …

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December was Wii U’s best month of sales ever

Asking anyone you know who’s not a big gamer and chances are they still haven’t heard of the Wii U. It’s amazing to think that two years on from its release, Nintendo is still in that position, but hey, apparently that doesn’t matter too much, as the Wii U is …

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