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Homeworld Remastered Collection coming 25th February

Clear out your schedules space fans, as the Relic Games classic, Homeworld and its sequel, are set to return, remastered and compatible with contemporary operating systems in just under a month’s time. Working with original Relic artists, Gearbox has revamped not only the original in-game aesthetics to bring them into …

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Homeworld HD renamed to Homeworld Remastered

With THQ’s scattering to the four winds, its developer studios going one way and IPs another, it seemed unlikely that we’d ever get another Homeworld sequel or reboot. Fortunately though, despite not having anything to do with the creators, Relic Games – now owned by Sega – Gearbox announced soon …

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THQ receives approval for official liquidation

That’s it folks, the 23 year history of THQ has finally come to an end, as it has received approval for liquidation by Judge Mart F Walrath at a Delaware court heading. Creditors will now be paid using whatever can be made of THQ’s remaining assets. THQ filed for bankruptcy …

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