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Amazon job hire points to VR development future

Amazon isn’t just an organisation with its fingers in a lot of pies, it’s grown tentacles and arms with extra hands and fingers just so it can dip into every bit of pastry in the world. That’s unchanged in 2016, where alongside its continued drone delivery elements, it’s now looking to …

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EU Commission may make geo-blocking invalid in Europe

As much as digital streaming companies like Netflix and Amazon have offered us more content in the past few years than has ever been so easily accessible before, one major frustration remains: geo-blocking. However in the future we may all have the same content available, as the European Commission (EUC) …

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Netflix is still against allowing offline viewing

Recently, Amazon Prime Video announced that it would be allowing its users to download shows for offline viewing, similarly to how Spotify allows subscribers to listen to their music playlists offline. This obviously raised questions for Netflix, which has been against offline viewing in the past. It turns out that …

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