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Black Mirror? Admiral wants to use your Facebook posts for quotes


A recent episode of Black Mirror that addressed the idea of social networking ratings affecting the real world, could be closer to reality than you might think. Admiral is currently looking to use analysis of Facebook posts, searching for triggers like exclamation points and confident statements, as a bearing on …

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Only two per cent of UK big businesses have hack insurance

Getting hacked is one of the worst scenarios for a modern day corporation. It damages reputation, relationships with your customers and can be a massive loss financially and in terms of secretive intellectual property. We’ve seen it happen with the likes of Sony multiple times in recent years and yet …

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Google might start selling car insurance

As part of its continued expansion into every facet of our lives, Google may soon start selling car insurance in the US according to an analyst from Forrester Research. If it turns out to be true, this will go hand in hand with its new push it into automotive development: the …

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