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Intel confirms delay of 10nm chips to 2017, blames difficulties

Intel Corp. on Wednesday confirmed the delay of mass production of central processing units using 10nm fabrication process to 2017. The company said that it ran into difficulties with its 10nm technology and decided to stretch the life-cycle of 14nm process with one more family of CPU products code-named “Kaby …

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Intel delays higher-end ‘Broadwell’ chips to July – September, 2015

Intel Corp. has reconsidered the launch schedule of its next-generation microprocessors code-named “Broadwell” and further delayed not only mainstream mobile parts, but also the high-end desktop and notebook models. Based on the new plan, the company may introduce the new Core i-series microprocessors only in July, or even September, 2015. …

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Tick Tock issues push Ivy Bridge to the end of Q2 2012

The onerous march of Intel's roadmap is the kind of thing you can set a very slow watch by. While it might make the occasional defensive move against a launch by AMD, in general Intel is used to marching to the beat of its own, metronomic, beat. In pushing too …

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Bulldozer specs cause Intel to pull in roadmap

It will be quite a while before anyone is benchmarking AMD's new Bulldozer against Ivy Bridge from Intel, but industry watchers who originally thought the match-up would not start until October, might be in for a surprise. KitGuru puts a glass to the wall and tries to discern the relevant …

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