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Next SpaceX launch to expand ISS with inflatable habitat

One of the biggest problems with getting anything into space is the costs involved in hauling every kilo up and out of the atmosphere. If every kilogram costs around £3,000 to get into orbit, imagine the costs involved in taking up the entire International Space Station over the years. One …

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First British astronaut under the ESA banner heading to ISS

The first British astronaut to head into space under the banner of the European Space Agency, Tim Peake, is set to launch into Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO) and join up with the International Space Station later today. He will be joined by American astronaut Tim Kopra, and Russian cosmonaut Yuri Malenchenko aboard …

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NASA will leave Low-Earth-Orbit to private industry

The International Space Station is one of mankind’s greatest feats of science and engineering, but unlike architecture of old, its shelf life is far, far shorter. In-fact NASA plans to abandon it by the end of the 2020s as it begins to move beyond Low-Earth-Orbit (LEO), but to continue tests and …

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This is what Thanksgiving in Space looks like

While a lot of us British readers and writers may not be quite 100 per cent on what thanksgiving is all about, we do understand the concept of a party and any excuse to sit around eating good food with friends and family is good enough for us. However due …

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Privatisation of space is a success claims SpaceX

One of the more fascinating mornings was had by the KitGuru team today, as we hunkered down around live-feed HD screens to watch/listen/experience the wonder of privatised space flight, with the launch of the Dragon C2+ space craft in the direction of the International Space Station. KitGuru dons an orange …

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