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Kaspersky details billion dollar digital bank heist

According to anti-malware security firm Kapersky, many of the world's major banks have been hit by digital thieves over the past year and a half, with the attackers making off with at least $300 million, but potentially as much as a billion (£648 million), after using malware and social engineering …

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Chinese government blocks foreign anti-virus firms

China has continued its general consolidation inward when it comes to the internet and has announced that both Symantec and Kapersky anti-virus are no longer approved vendors. Instead, it's promoting the use of Chinese anti-malware companies, adding five to its list of recommended software providers. The news comes out of …

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Kapersky on XP end of life compound problems

Today is the day that Microsoft officially ends support for Windows XP, one of its most popular pieces of software ever and of course, everyone is trying to scare up a storm so that in the wake of no more patches, you buy something to protect yourself. And Kapersky is …

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Skype spread trojan could make you a bitcoin miner

A new trojan has been discovered that is being spread through innocuous looking Skype messages, giving ‘hackers' control of your machine. Once they do so however, they aren't creating a botnet, or stealing credit card details, but making you part of a distributed bitcoin mining network. Those hit with the …

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