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Apple Mac Pro shipping estimates slip to April

Apple’s online stores in the U.S. and the U.K. on Tuesday changed shipping estimates of the latest Mac Pro desktops to April, delaying the highly-anticipated product by another month. The reasons why Apple cannot ship the new workstations immediately are still not clear. Apple’s new Mac Pro utilizes numerous proprietary …

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Steve Jobs wanted Mac OS X to run on Sony Vaio PCs

One of the first things that Steve Jobs did when he returned to Apple in the late nineties was to cancel all plans regarding making Apple Mac OS available to third-party PC makers. However, several years later he was considering to allow Sony to use the innovative OS X operating …

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Macbook Air to sell 250,000 units a month

Apple are selling billions of dollars of product every month and the latest sales figures show that around 1 million Macbooks will be sold in Q4 of 2010. What is more interesting to us however is that estimates show 250,000 of this 1,000,000 could very well be sales of the …

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Koobface worm ‘Boonana’ targets Macintosh users

A new hybrid of the Koobface worm that targets Mac OS X, Windows and Linux users is spreading through Facebook, Twitter and MySpace. Antivirus firms have reported the new malware, dubbed ‘Boonana’ when Intego and SecureMac warned Mac OS X users that the worm is aimed firmly at them. Boonana …

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A Jobs well done?

A large portion of people reading this article will assuredly have strong opinions on Apple as a company and I would take an educated guess that at least 75% will feel they are ‘overpriced’ and form the heart of an elitist group of users who mock enthusiasts who prefer to …

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