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Plextor readies cost-efficient SSD based on TLC NAND memory

Plextor produces one of the best solid-state drives available today. However, Plextor’s drives are pretty expensive and are designed for premium market segment. Apparently, Plextor is working on an inexpensive SSD based on cost-effective triple-level-cell NAND flash memory, which will be available later this year. Not a lot is known …

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Samsung’s tiny M.2/PCIe SSD sports massive 2.15GB/s read speed

Samsung Electronics announced this week that it has begun mass production of its SM951 solid-state drive. The new SSD uses M.2 form-factor and PCI Express 3.0 interface to deliver massive performance improvement over the vast majority of consumer-grade solid-state drives available today. Unfortunately, it is unclear whether Samsung’s SM951 will …

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Kinston unveils HyperX PCIe/M.2 SSD with 1.40GB/s read speed

Kingston Technology has introduced its first high-performance solid-state drive for consumers that comes with PCI Express 2.0 x4/M.2 interface. The new HyperX Predator SSDs are designed for performance enthusiasts, but thanks to massive simplicity of its construction, it is possible to expect that the product will not be too expensive. …

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